Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sun-hats in Paradise

I have been warned of the ferocity of Boston winters ever since deciding to move here. As of yet I have not faced the freezing beast of a New England winter, but nevertheless I try to make the most of days that offer hopeful rays of sunshine. The full thirty minutes I was able to sit in the sun and relax before dusk brought a chilling wind allowed my friends and I to lament the browning of our hair and excite ourselves for Spring Break.

Since the day was nice and there was hardly any wind, I broke out one of my favorite accessories, the floppy hat.  I paired it with a patterned dress with puffed sleeves, black stockings and my utility boots. As a tights loving girl, I hardly wear pants.  Unfortunately for my tights, I also enjoy climbing on things, falling down and general ridiculousness. This means nary a pair of tights I own is not ripped in some fashion. Being a poor college student I cannot justify throwing my tights or stockings away every time I rip them so I roll with the rips and now think they add character. This day, or the thirty minutes of it I got to spend in the sun, was perfect for catching up on reading and people watching, two of my favorite activities. 

What do you like to do in unseasonably warm weather? Do you ever dress the way you wish the day felt? I'd love to hear!

xoxo. heather

ps thanks to Rebecca and Emilia for being excellent photographers!

Dress is thrifted, hat is from Claire's, stockings are H&M, coat is Urban Outfitters, bag is from Turkey, boots are from Payless

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