Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I think fur is simply fabulous. Not real fur. Real fur makes me sad. But faux fur makes me happy because it looks so glamorous. I want a long fur coat, I tried one on in Urban Outfitters and paraded around with my cat-eyed sunglasses like a fool. It is just so soft and luxurious. One day I will have one. Until then there is this lovely example of how stunning fur can be to keep me hopeful. Thanks Kristina for finding this gem.

xoxo. heather

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where is my Mind?

 Today's post is a bit eclectic.  Due to my insane ability to procrastinate to the last possible second on an assignment, yesterday and today have been a mess of my mind not cooperating with my best intentions.  That led to today's outfit being less than inspired. So I'll share yesterday's instead! 

I am a huge fan of mixing fabrics. I think the textured layer look is simply stunning. So I decided to layer one of my favorite lace dresses under a navy blue mixed-fabric button-down shirt dress. I cinched the waisted with a light brown woven belt that was my grandma's. I polished off the look with grey sweater tights, red lipstick and my utility boots.

Lace dress is Free People, shirt dress is Urban Outfitters, tights are from Target, man boots are Payless, belt is a hand me down from Grandma

In other news I saw the lovely Allison Macika on Comm Ave today and couldn't resist grabbing a picture. Her bright yellow dress was an eye-catching dream. I loved its sheer top layer. Accenting it with all black and the the pop of the red bow kept the color of the dress from being overwhelming in the winter. And look how cute her bow flats are! Allison, you looked lovely today.

Finally, here is a little something I saw today that made me happy. A ladder is always a happy symbol to me because I love heights and the idea of ascending. To top it off the sunshine created an ethereal glow at the top of the ladder. A growling stomach was all that stopped me from climbing it.

How do you feel about bright colors in the winter? Love to hear!

xoxo. heather

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Street Style

Ah the introduction of street style! I am rallying my courage and finding fashionable people to share with you! 

Today the lovely Hanna Stolarski was sporting a particularly lovely outfit. I absolutely adore the mix of the high-waisted denim skirt with the graphic v-neck. And is that a couple swing dancing on the shirt? Hanna, as if I need more reasons to love you. The black tights, saddle-style shoes, and top knot keep it fabulous from head to toe. Throw in a cardigan, red lipstick and coffee, what else do you need to start a day? Thank you Hanna for showing us a college student need not relegate to sweatpants and UGGs.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sun-hats in Paradise

I have been warned of the ferocity of Boston winters ever since deciding to move here. As of yet I have not faced the freezing beast of a New England winter, but nevertheless I try to make the most of days that offer hopeful rays of sunshine. The full thirty minutes I was able to sit in the sun and relax before dusk brought a chilling wind allowed my friends and I to lament the browning of our hair and excite ourselves for Spring Break.

Since the day was nice and there was hardly any wind, I broke out one of my favorite accessories, the floppy hat.  I paired it with a patterned dress with puffed sleeves, black stockings and my utility boots. As a tights loving girl, I hardly wear pants.  Unfortunately for my tights, I also enjoy climbing on things, falling down and general ridiculousness. This means nary a pair of tights I own is not ripped in some fashion. Being a poor college student I cannot justify throwing my tights or stockings away every time I rip them so I roll with the rips and now think they add character. This day, or the thirty minutes of it I got to spend in the sun, was perfect for catching up on reading and people watching, two of my favorite activities. 

What do you like to do in unseasonably warm weather? Do you ever dress the way you wish the day felt? I'd love to hear!

xoxo. heather

ps thanks to Rebecca and Emilia for being excellent photographers!

Dress is thrifted, hat is from Claire's, stockings are H&M, coat is Urban Outfitters, bag is from Turkey, boots are from Payless

Legs legs legs

My lovely roommate has legs for days. It is absolutely stunning. Now I know a lot of people don't like the dark tight/open light shoe combo, I know I had a hard time warming up to it, but in the freezing winter of Boston, I think its the way to go. With my Jeffrey Campbell's on and her black tights, Rebecca's legs take over, and it looks amazing. Despite being rather tall ladies, Rebecca and I still rock the heels so we can be towering giants.
The contrast between the light floral and the dark semi-opaque tights really makes the shoes pop.                                                               
Isn't she lovely? Tell me your opinion on tights or socks with open toed shoes. For? Against? Indifferent? I'd love to hear!

xoxo. heather

Friday, February 17, 2012

My Debut into the Blogosphere

Hi all! Welcome to my blog. I am going to be posting photos of my outfits and outfits of the stylish people I see on the streets, in my classes and wherever else. I will also share inspirations, things that excite me, and some of my adventures. But mostly clothes! Let's see how this goes.

lucky me it's a warm winter in Boston and I can make use of my Californian wardrobe without freezing to death.

xoxo. heather
p.s. thanks Helen for taking the pictures!

Dress is a skirt from Free People, tights are dance wear, cardigan is Hurley