Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hot Boston

Oh the lovely heat in Boston. How is it my warm California home is cold when I visit, but my supposed to be freezing Boston home is a toaster? Well I am not complaining now. I get to shed the tights and wear dresses, skirts and shorts with my lovely pale bare legs!

Velvet Blazer is Free People, tank-top is Free People, shorts are cut off men's pants from Target, floral scarf is Target, sandals are from Italy, belt is hand-me-down from grandma
I hope the heat stays! 

xoxo. heather

ps. what do you think of the scarves in hair trend? I personally am obsessed. 

Pretty Hippie

With summer heat beating down on Beantown, pretty fashions are breaking out all over the streets.  Alex Hyken looked lovely today in a Hippie inspired ensemble. The flowing pink top works perfectly in the summery heat. She is rocking a flared jean with adorable brown sandals. She has such a breezy summer style, and how cute is her bag? 

What is your favorite way to dress in the heat?

xoxo. heather

Denim on Denim

Denim is great. It is versatile, it is comfortable, it is durable, it is fashionable. The important thing to remember when doing denim on denim is to mix the shades so the outfit is not too matching. Helen Petty works the denim on denim fabulously.  Mixing a darker washed skinny jean, rolled at the ankles w, with a light denim vest looks great with her black and white striped sweater. And check out her pretty necklace!
How do you feel about mixing denims? 
xoxo. heather

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break

This has little to do with fashion... more with life. I had such a relaxing break and it really inspired me and helped me make some life decisions, so I decided to share a little with you! I went on a quick road trip to visit my friends up at their college in SLO and the lovely California coast view through the window just invigorated me. Here are a few quick photos of things that made me happy on the trip. Pictures of fashion to come! I promise.

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring!!
xoxo. heather

Friday, March 9, 2012

Goodbye Boston! For now...

Hello Spring Break! Ah how good a week off feels. The ever lovely Kristina Woolf looked extra fabulous today in honor of the last day of classes.
She looked extra chic in an a black coat, black tights and black sunglasses with accents of bright red in her heels and head band. And that is just the outer layer of her outfit. 

Underneath the coat, Kristina has an adorable patterned dress with a black bow belt cinching the waist. I just love the cut of the dress.

Now I am off to California for a week! Oh how I love long plane rides! Especially when I have a scarf in my hair and a movie to watch. 

xoxo. heather

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Important Things in Life

 Sometimes you need to step back and remember the little things in life that make you happy. Here are some of the things that make my days happy. 
 I LOVE sparkly nail polish. Absolutely, positively LOVE it. I love the way it sparkles in the sun, I love the way it looks like stars have been captured on your nails, I love the way it has a texture. Here are a couple of my sparkly nail polishes: purple, gold and silver. The silver is my favorite.

Rosebud Salve is a life saver. In winter my skin gets all dried out and awful, and this salve makes it all lovely again. It can be used as a lip balm or moisturizer. So quenching. And it smells lovely. I have the Rosebud, Strawberry and Minted Rose.
Utility Boots. They are the best. I love buying shoes from the men's section. I just love man boots. Oh and scarves. Scarves always brighten my day. If my outfit lacks luster, I tie a scarf in my hair and am instantly happier. 
A notebook. I love having one handy to write down thoughts as they come into my head or pictures that I see. Besides, where else can you write those awfully cliché thoughts that make you happy. 

Lipstick. Lipstick is wonderful. I don't wear much makeup but I always wear lipstick. I love matte finishes and rich colors. I am a dabber not a swiper, I think it gives a better color. Nevertheless I love lipstick.
Beautiful perfume bottles. I love glass. As a little kid, I would always get blown glass creatures at the fair or Disneyland or where ever I could. Now I love glass perfume bottles. I love the delicate designs and the way light filters through the colors. 
What makes you happy? Share your little things!

xoxo. heather

Sunny Days Street Style

With Spring temperatures gracing us, a plethora of beautiful outfits have broken out on the Boston streets. Spring air is infectious and legs that have been sheathed for months finally get to breathe. Not only have moods been improved, but the warm air also allows layers to be shed revealing lovely outfits underneath.

Leora Kaufman embodies spring in her light denim skirt and striped shirt. Her oatmeal colored scarf, light brown shiny belt and collection of bracelets accent the simple outfit wondrously.  Her brown Oxfords are the perfect collegiate touch. 

Sharon Weissburg looked stunning today in a simple skirt-shirt combination. The light mint color of the skirt was a perfect homage to spring.  It matched the top rim of her sunnies tying the outfit seamlessly together.

She too sported Oxfords. Two-toned in this case, but just as adorable. 

 Be sure to swing round Sharon's blog at http://pretzelsandfluff.tumblr.com/ to check out more of her lovely outfits and fashion inspirations!

Cassandra Shavney looked the epitome of Spring in her white lace dress, floral patterned cardigan and white lace styled Oxfords.  I love the detailing on the shoes.

Anyone else loving the Spring weather? Notice any trends? I'd love to hear!

xoxo. heather

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Now that it is March, winter finally decides to pay a visit with snow! I celebrated the winter air by a wearing my fox mittens.  These mittens are my absolute favorite winter accessory. They just make me happy. I wore my lace dress. I call it my princess dress because that is how I feel when I wear it. I completed the outfit with patterned tights and a gold necklaces with rings on it. 
Dress is Free People, tights are Urban Outfitters, necklace is Urban Outfitters, foxes are Urban Outfitters, man boots are Payless

Don't they look happy!?

xoxo. heather