Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Street Style

Ah the introduction of street style! I am rallying my courage and finding fashionable people to share with you! 

Today the lovely Hanna Stolarski was sporting a particularly lovely outfit. I absolutely adore the mix of the high-waisted denim skirt with the graphic v-neck. And is that a couple swing dancing on the shirt? Hanna, as if I need more reasons to love you. The black tights, saddle-style shoes, and top knot keep it fabulous from head to toe. Throw in a cardigan, red lipstick and coffee, what else do you need to start a day? Thank you Hanna for showing us a college student need not relegate to sweatpants and UGGs.

Speaking of fabulous shoes, Kristina Woolf rocked a pair of classic-style wedged booties. Far be it for her to be too understated, she paired the rich brown shoes with bright magenta skinny jeans. Excellent choice Kristina.

Spotted in Warren Dining Hall two lovely ladies gave the tired building a new life with their stylish choices. Juliette Vandame paired a basic black dress, tights and boots with a light brown cardigan and tortoise-shelled glasses. The contrast set her apart from others while keeping her style casual. 

Margaux Chalancon also spiced up a simple black outfit with a sweater that had a slight sparkle to it. Due to the horrible lighting in the DH and me being a fool and forgetting my memory card and resorting to using my phone to take pictures, you can't really tell in this shot. The sparkle dressed up the outfit without being too flashy. And don't you love her hair?

As for me, today I felt especially swingy. Now I don't know if you are allowed to describe yourself as feeling swingy but that's as close as I can describe it. I went with a polka-dot dress with a circle skirt, a patterned v-neck top, rose patterned tights, cat-eyed sunglasses and of course combat boots and red lipstick. 

Dress is Free People, shirt is Free People, glasses are Urban Outfitters, boots are from Urbanog.com, coat is Urban Outfitters

xoxo. heather

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