Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sunny Days Street Style

With Spring temperatures gracing us, a plethora of beautiful outfits have broken out on the Boston streets. Spring air is infectious and legs that have been sheathed for months finally get to breathe. Not only have moods been improved, but the warm air also allows layers to be shed revealing lovely outfits underneath.

Leora Kaufman embodies spring in her light denim skirt and striped shirt. Her oatmeal colored scarf, light brown shiny belt and collection of bracelets accent the simple outfit wondrously.  Her brown Oxfords are the perfect collegiate touch. 

Sharon Weissburg looked stunning today in a simple skirt-shirt combination. The light mint color of the skirt was a perfect homage to spring.  It matched the top rim of her sunnies tying the outfit seamlessly together.

She too sported Oxfords. Two-toned in this case, but just as adorable. 

 Be sure to swing round Sharon's blog at to check out more of her lovely outfits and fashion inspirations!

Cassandra Shavney looked the epitome of Spring in her white lace dress, floral patterned cardigan and white lace styled Oxfords.  I love the detailing on the shoes.

Anyone else loving the Spring weather? Notice any trends? I'd love to hear!

xoxo. heather


  1. I just found this (it's Sharon, the mint skirt girl)! I was so honored to have you take my picture. This blog looks so great! Thanks for the praise and the plug, I hope I run into you on campus again!